hollow as O in god

i do not expect you to get me, i know i can be complicated, i don’t get along with many people.
when people ask me what my favorite color is i answer grey. because it is. i know it’s a shade, not a color, but it remains the “color” that i like the most.
i don’t like the thought of growing older, i don’t want this body i’m living in to become old and useless, although i’ve always felt more mature for my age.
I find music the way to express my feelings, Im not into Pop, or RnB. I prefair music with more meaning.
I like walking alone into the night. Listening music. Smokin fags.
People that hurt or betray me don't realy get my forgiveness. I find it difficult to respect older people just because of their age. In my opinion Respect is something you gain, and not something you demant.
For me Love= to pain, who ever you love will betray you. Im considering my self done with relationships.
I find my self really open minded. If someone doesn't do something that can physicaly or mentaly harm me i don't see a reason to not like them. I trust people too much and thats why i usualy end up hurting.

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